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40% of Brits Believe Joint Mortgage is a Bigger Commitment than Marriage

On April 10, 2017

40% of Brits Believe Joint Mortgage is a Bigger Commitment than Marriage

Research carried out by Zoopla has revealed that 40% of young British people believe that a joint mortgage is a bigger commitment than marriage.

The reason both men and women consider  getting on to the property ladder together as such a big deal is because the average house price in the UK is currently more than £200,000 and the typical mortgage term lasts for at least 25 years.

The survey also revealed that typically a couple is together for 3 years, 3 months and 12 days before they commit to jointly buying a home.

However, while it is traditionally men who propose marriage, it is women who are taking the lead when it comes to searching for a property.

It appears 40% of women are taking the lead to find their dream home, while men are more laid back about the whole thing, with 2/3 of men trusting their partner to view a property without them and 1/3 saying they would be happy for their partner to make an offer without them even viewing the property. This is something only 1 in 5 women would tolerate.

This may be because nearly 80% of men are prepared to compromise with their partners on their ideal home.

However, men are three times more likely to spend more on a property than planned and  men take a longer term view of the property ‘s potential by considering things like:-has it sufficient bedrooms for a family , could it be extended, what are the local schools like?

Key advice for anyone starting to look for a new home is to agree with your partner on a location, a budget and how much renovation work you are prepared to undertake.


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