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5 Reasons To Use a Conveyancer Local To You

On June 2, 2018

5 Reasons To Use a Conveyancer Local To You

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Buying a house is a huge investment – perhaps the biggest you will make in your life. It also represents a major upheaval in your life, especially where there is a buying chain to consider and a tight schedule to meet.

It is essential that everything goes well with the transaction, to make your home purchase smooth and worry-free.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the preparation of property purchase documents in order to facilitate a property sale. When a home is sold, the conveyancer oversees the transfer of the property deeds and also carries out searches into the property’s history and condition to ensure that the deal, including the purchase price, is fair.

Conveyancing can be carried out by anyone, but a mistake in the process can slow down the purchase and even bring a sale to a halt. Using a professional conveyancing service, like that offered by Peter Robinson & Co., guarantees the most straightforward conveyancing process possible and protects your investment, your time and your stress levels.

Here are five reasons to use a local conveyancer when you buy a new property.

1. Local knowledge and contacts at your disposal

A local law firm, located in the town you are buying a property, has a much better understanding of local properties than a national chain. Local solicitors know the risks to watch out for in a property sale. Does coastal salt cause problems with masonry? Is the area prone to subsidence? Do airport flight paths make noise an issue? The local law firm knows all these answers and more, so they can determine if you are really getting a fair price on your house.

2. Flexible, affordable conveyancing services

When you use a large national law chain, you often get a one-size-fits-all conveyancing package at the basic rate along with expensive fees for additional costs. Local law firms, on the other hand, tend to offer a more inclusive package that includes endowment mortgages, stamp duty land transaction return forms, among other standard pieces of paperwork. Local firms are also less likely to charge extra if the process takes longer than expected.

3. Great deals from a local business network

Of all the reasons to use a conveyancer, professional knowledge is top of the list. Closely behind is the business network that local law firm has. If you need work doing on the property after you buy, or if you are searching for a decorator or interior designer to put your stamp on it, the local law firm is sure to have some contacts or know who you should call.

4. Face to face contact

Online companies might have 24-hour chatbots to attempt an answer to your 3am conveyancing queries, but there really is no substitute for the personal touch. With a local law firm like Peter Robinson & Co., you get to speak to a real person, who will take the time to explain all the jargon to you and give you a clear idea of what to expect. You will have your own dedicated point of contact throughout the process, and a friendly face to congratulate you when your new home is successfully bought.

5. Home visits for conveyancing

Not everyone who is buying or selling a property has the ability to visit the solicitor’s office. With a local company, the conveyancer can visit the elderly or infirm at home or in hospital, or make the time to visit clients whose work or family commitments prevent them from attending appointments. Solicitors can also attend hospitals and care homes to assist with property sales or purchases.

There are many benefits to choosing a local law firm like Peter Robinson & Co. for conveyancing and property sale services. If you are looking to purchase a home, contact our lawyers today on 0161 678 7996 and arrange an appointment.

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