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Avoid Falling Victim to Solicitor Scams with These 5 Tips

On September 3, 2018

Avoid Falling Victim to Solicitor Scams with These 5 Tips

Criminals presenting themselves as solicitors is a common occurrence nowadays, which sees an attempt to scam you of your money. The 5 tips below should ensure that you are fully aware of the possible scams in place and how to successfully avoid them.

1. Don’t be deceived

Even if the supposed solicitor has a professional looking website, it is not necessarily trust worthy. Scammers are sometimes known to create detailed, graphical websites in the hope they can deceive the human eye.

2. Check the security of the website

It’s a very easily hidden scam and so one of the biggest in terms of catching victims. All secure web addresses start with HTTPS with the S being vital: it stands for secure. Alongside this, a small padlock should be visible. This security is a basic requirement for any legitimate website when your data is involved.

3. Read between the lines.

If a letter or any other form of document is sent to you with poor grammar and spelling, it is not necessarily just a small mistake. A professional solicitor will have the correct writing etiquette and ensure no mistakes are made.

4. Don’t be hounded for pounds.

Immediate payment is not the correct process from a solicitor. If you are being asked for payment details over the phone or email straight away, refrain. Legitimate law firms will not ask for money upfront or aggressively and will provide an itemised bill upon request.

5. Meet face-to-face.

You as the customer have the right to be able to contact a member of staff directly, as well as meet in person. Like-wise, a solicitor is required to check your identity face-to-face too. Be careful is the solicitor is skipping this step.

If you suspect a solicitor as a scammer, your first step is to report to the police for a full investigation. Ensure you protect yourself from scammers. For any additional information don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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