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Avoiding Moving Day Nightmares

On June 15, 2015

Avoiding Moving Day Nightmares


Many reports have shown that moving house is considered one of the most stressful lifetime events, often coming above losing a job, getting divorced and planning a wedding.

The stress of uprooting a home has made what should be an exciting occasion a traumatic experience and a great source of strain for many movers.

While we can’t guarantee a completely angst-free move, we do have some tips which should help ensure moving day goes as smoothly as possible…

  1. Present your home

Before you put your house up for sale, allow yourself some time to declutter, redecorate and carry out any mandatory repairs. This will ensure buyers see your home in the best possible condition.

  1. Get 3 valuations

While you may be tempted to go for the highest possible asking price, this could end up being a costly mistake and put potential viewers off. Get a minimum of 3 estate agents to value your home before you select an asking price that accurately reflects what your house is worth. Ultimately, your aim should be to sell your property for the best price possible in the shortest time frame.

  1. Instruct the right Conveyancing Solicitor as soon as possible

Talk to a conveyancing solicitor as soon as you decide to sell. This way you get to know who you are working with, how they will work with you and the relevant paperwork can be prepared (excluding the sale price) and ready to send to the buyers solicitor as soon as you have a buyer, avoiding any delays right from the start.

  1. Get your mortgage offer(s) in place

Talk to mortgage lenders as soon as you think you are moving. By having financials in place early on, will make you, a more attractive and credible buyer for any vendor.

  1. Be Realistic

don’t get too carried away with reported increases in house prices. Pricing to sell will get people through the door to view and sell your house faster. Remember, once you have agreed a price on your sale, negotiate hard on the price for property you are buying.

  1. Be upfront with your Conveyancing Solicitor

they are on your side after all. Share with them any potential problems or possible issues, however small or insignificant they may seem to you. Your Conveyancing Solicitor can then judge any impact they may have on your Conveyancing transaction.

  1. Avoid same day exchange and completion

This is a recipe for potential disaster and for maximum stress! You may be encouraged to do this BUT most house sales involve a chain of transactions and sometimes a lengthy one. You may not actually move on the day proposed because one person in the chain may change their minds. So for your sanity, avoid it at all cost.

  1. Visit the property you want to buy several times

View the property at different times of the day to be sure it really IS the property for you before exchange of contracts. It’s a bit late to find out once you’ve move in for example that you get no sun in your garden after 3pm, if a sunny garden was a definite must!

  1. Keep in touch with your Conveyancing Solicitor and Estate Agent

after all they are working for YOU! Regular and clear communication is vital. So whether you have good or bad news, pass it on as soon as possible.

  1. Don’t skimp on the survey.

This is probably the largest single purchase most people make, so don’t be caught out by always opting for the cheapest option! Even new houses can have major faults (we’ve all seen TV shows on this) . . . so opt as a minimum for a Homebuyers Report for peace of mind, and wallet!

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