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Commercial Conveyancing – 5 Things to Consider

On May 6, 2014

Commercial Conveyancing – 5 Things to Consider

Commercial conveyancing refers to the buying, selling or leasing of any commercial property whether it is land, business premises, an office, shop, or industrial unit.

Finding the right property for your business can be tough, but once you have found your ideal premises then it is vital that your business instructs a skilled, experienced conveyancing solicitor as soon as possible.

Whether you are a small business or large organisation, we can act for anyone wishing to lease or buy their own premises, so read on for the top 5 things you may want to consider before you appoint your commercial conveyancing solicitor.

1- It may take longer

Commercial conveyancing, especially if you are involved in a lease purchase, can take a lot longer to complete than residential conveyancing.

As every case is unique, there is no average time frame, and while some purchases will go through quickly and smoothly, others will require a great deal of legal work.

We know that for any business, time is money, so we endeavour to deal with your case as swiftly as possible.

2- Think long term

You may want to think of your commercial property as a long-term investment, and plan to develop it. You therefore need to choose an experienced solicitor who has knowledge in all aspects of conveyancing. At Peter Robinson & Co. we will expertly handle all related documentation which may be necessary should you wish to alter the property.

3- Stay local

It’s likely that a local commercial conveyancer will have a good working relationship with the local business community. It may work to your company’s advantage to work with a local solicitor who you can talk to face to face, and who knows the property market and the surrounding business network.

4- It’s complex

The ins and outs of commercial conveyancing law can be extremely complicated, so you should ensure that your lawyer is experienced and registered (and therefore regulated) by the Law Society.

5- Recommendations

When it comes to choosing a commercial conveyancer, consider asking around for recommendations. If your clients run their own business, it’s likely that they have worked with a commercial conveyancer so ask for suggestions.

Once you have found yourself a trusted legal partner whom you trust, you can even suggest their use to others.

When working with Peter Robinson & Co. our professional, affordable and efficient conveyancing service will ensure that you can focus on your business.

Our dedicated business conveyancing experts will support you and your company whether you are buying, selling or leasing, so for assistance, get in touch today.

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