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Conveyancing at Christmas

On December 4, 2018

Conveyancing at Christmas

It’s a well-known fact that the housing market suddenly grinds to a halt around Christmas time and it’s during this downtime that property lawyers like us get the chance to tie up loose ends and prepare ourselves for the mad new year housing rush. If you are wanting to be ahead of the game with the conveyancing process at Christmas, then be sure to follow our advice.

Know What You Want

If you’re eager to get on with the conveyancing process, you need to know where you are going next. Make sure you do your research so that you know what you’ll be getting for your money and also the factors you may need to compromise on. You will want to be aware of everything you possibly can in order not to miss anything out during this stressful time.

Prep Your Home

You are much more likely to sell your home quickly if you put the effort into making it look the best it can be. Your house can soon become a second thought at Christmas, especially with all the mess that it creates so make sure you identify your problem areas, fix what you can and give your property a deep clean before photographs and viewings.

Instruct Early

Some people choose to instruct their conveyancing lawyer whilst they’re making an offer, but this can soon add to the stress, so we advise that you instruct your lawyer before accepting and making your offer.  There is a large amount of preliminary paperwork needed during the conveyancing process if you get this done before new year, you will be weeks ahead once you accept an offer.

Get a Survey

Once you’ve done your research and decided on a potential property, don’t forget to get a survey. Many chartered surveyors can turn around reports in a few days which is great if you’re already ahead of the game with the whole process. A survey is essential to knowing your potential property properly and will give you an overall assessment with highlighted issues.

Conveyancing can be a long and difficult process to be a part of, but if you are organised and have everything thought through, you will be further ahead in the market than others. Get in touch with us here at Peter Robinson for all your conveyancing needs.

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