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Conveyancing Checklists for Buyers

On March 18, 2014

Conveyancing Checklists for Buyers

Conveyancing Checklist for Buyers

When choosing a property lawyer to take care of the purchase of your new property, it is highly recommended that you play an active role in the process. This is ultimately your purchase and there are certain tasks that you will remain responsible for.

To ensure these tasks are not overlooked take a moment to read through our conveyancing checklist to avoid encountering any problems along the moving home process, be it obtaining initial conveyancing quotes or guarding against property gazumping.

Choose a conveyancer you can trust

Appoint a conveyancer as soon as possible – it may be wise to follow the recommendation of a trusted friend or family member who has moved house.

Double check

When you get the contracts, read through the document thoroughly before signing and ask your conveyancer to explain anything you don’t understand.

Discuss moving deadlines

We recommend that you inform your lawyer your desired date for completion before you begin. This helps to avoid confusion and misunderstanding throughout the procedure.

Ask for an outline of the process

Ask your lawyer to outline the conveyancing process. You can then begin to understand which areas you will be responsible for throughout the process and help you to prepare.

Notify lawyer of any pre existing arrangements

If you have already set agreements with the seller such as a change in the asking price, be sure to keep your conveyancer fully informed so they can check the legal implications of any changes are in your best interests.

Restrictions and contracts

You may want to request that your property lawyer provides you with copies of any restrictions or existing contracts that may affect any future plans you had for the property.

Moving house timetable

Below are the official figures outlining a typical moving house timetable across England and Wales.

  • From thinking about moving home to having an offer accepted – 3 months
  • From offer acceptance to securing a mortgage offer – 1 month
  • From receiving your mortgage offer to exchanging contracts – 1 month
  • From exchanging contracts to moving in – 2 weeks

Although these figures are based on general national averages, your own moving house process could be longer or shorter depending on the size of your chain.

In summary, it is important to have an understanding of the various aspects of the conveyancing process to avoid encountering any problems during the purchase.

Choose a property lawyer that suits your requirements whilst offering a high level of service.


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