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Do You Need to Change Your Will?

On August 1, 2016

Do You Need to Change Your Will?

Last month we wrote an article about the importance of writing a Will and some of you may be thinking smugly ‘I’ve done that’! However it is important to review your Will from time to time to make sure it still says what you want it to say and if necessary, rewrite your Will.

We all experience changes in our circumstances and when we do we should review our Will.

In particular, you should carry out a review if you have:-

  • had additions to the family – more children or grandchildren who you would like to include in your will
  • got married – marriage revokes a will in England and Wales (but not Scotland)
  • got divorceddivorce does not revoke a will, although in England and Wales your ex husband/wife or civil partner wouldn’t benefit from it
  • named someone in your Will who has since died

If you need to make small changes, like adding a new legacy or changing an executor, you do not need to rewrite your will. Instead you use a document called a codicil which must be signed and witnessed. Never alter the original Will.

You would only rewrite the Will if you had major changes. The old Will is then revoked and destroyed.

At Peter Robinson & Co. our Wills and Probate Team is headed by Tammy Barnes, (holder of the Terrance Willey Prize). Our experienced team can help anyone looking at reviewing or rewriting their Will.

If you have experienced a change in circumstances, call Peter Robinson & Co today to ensure you provide for your family and loved ones in the way you want.


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