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Estate Agents and Conveyancing Recommendations

On February 9, 2015

Estate Agents and Conveyancing Recommendations

When buying or selling a property, you might find your estate agent makes a recommendation regarding your choice of conveyancer.

Recent research by the Property Academy has revealed that when making a property purchase, 68% of buyers would seek advice from their estate agents when selecting a conveyancer.

While this has become increasingly common, selecting the wrong solicitor could result in a poor quality service or even put the transaction at risk of aborting.

We look at the advantages and disadvantages of using an estate agent recommended conveyancer.


  • Estate agents are an efficient and convenient point of contact
  • They have experience dealing with conveyancers on a regular basis
  • Good understanding of the conveyancing process
  • If you’re working with a reputable estate agent they should recommend a trusted conveyancer that they have built up a solid professional relationship with
  • Should conveyancing duties fall behind, your estate agent may be able to step in and ensure the purchase goes through on time.


  • You could find yourself dealing with an online company that operates in ‘conveyer belt’ fashion conveyancing. While they usually charge low fixed fee rates, you’ll probably be dealt with by an anonymous member of a call centre which can often be confusing and frustrating
  • Many clients prefer to know exactly whom they’re dealing with during the conveyancing process. If you don’t want to rely on an estate agent’s recommendation, ask neighbours, friends and family if they can recommend a conveyancer who provided them a quality service. 

Choosing the right conveyancer

Whether your estate agent has recommended a number of conveyancers and you’re struggling to decide between them, or you are making a personal decision about who to work with, picking the right conveyancer is essential in receiving swift and efficient service.

Unfortunately not all companies are the most reputable, so bear in mind that the cheapest quote will not always mean the best service.

Reputation and recommendations really do hold weight when choosing a conveyancer, whether they come from your local estate agent or next-door neighbour.

Buying or selling a house is a stressful business for anyone, but thankfully with over 30 years of experience Peter Robinson & Co. have the knowledge and expertise required to make the process as straight forward as possible. Get in touch to see how we could help.

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