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How to Sell Your House in the Summer

On August 15, 2016

How to Sell Your House in the Summer

Many people are put off trying to sell their house in the summer months because they are taking a summer vacation or they feel interest in the market declines during the holiday season.

But in fact the summer is a brilliant time to put your house on the market. Everything looks better in the sunshine and your home is not an exception.

Inside will look bright and airy with the windows and patio doors open and the garden should be at its prettiest.

However, the usual advice on preparing your home for sale, still applies. Remember that ‘kerbside appeal’ is very influential in people deciding whether to look inside your home. So, keep the lawn mown, prune the shrubs, sweep the drive and get the garden full of colourful plants. Carry out any essential DIY e.g. broken gutters and check there isn’t any flaky paint work, particularly the front door.

Internally, clean the windows open the curtains and windows wide to let in the sunshine and the fresh summer breezes. Also have vases of fresh flowers dotted around. Keep the rooms tidy and clutter free to show them at their best.

When you have prospective buyers wanting to view it’s worth checking with neighbours before, so that the viewing isn’t when they are having a children’s party or a family BBQ. It may mislead prospective buyers into thinking it is a noisy neighbourhood.

If you are planning a holiday then choose an estate agent that you trust not to tell viewers that you are away and discuss your holiday plans with them in advance so they know exactly what you want them to do in your absence.

For your part ensure that there are no tell-tale signs that you are away. Leave both the front and the back gardens neat and tidy. Give a neighbour or a member of the family a key so they can clear away the post and water the plants. Don’t leave any documents or the calendar out which might tell people you are away and if you are leaving lights on timer switches make sure the timers are not on view.

If you are planning to sell your house this summer let Peter Robinson & Co guide you through the process.

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