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How to Spot an Unreputable Conveyancer

On April 14, 2014

How to Spot an Unreputable Conveyancer

When it comes to choosing the right conveyancer, it’s best to take a cautious approach.

We don’t believe that you should have to deal with a poor conveyancing service, but unfortunately there are many out there.

While some services draw you in with an attractive looking price, you may realise once you get further into the process that there’s all sorts of hidden costs and surprises waiting for to catch you out.

At Peter Robinson, our aim is to help you make a well-informed decision when choosing a legal firm you can trust.

We bring you our guide on how to spot (and avoid) the less than reputable conveyancing services.

Make sure they provide a “Fixed Fee”

Unfortunately, there are a number of services that will quote you a very cheap price upfront, but add on extra charges throughout the process.

Avoid nasty surprises by ensuring that you read the small print thoroughly and ensure you are getting a fixed fee from the start.

The more prepared you are the more likely you are to dodge those hidden costs later on.

Get a breakdown of the all the costs upfront

One of the first things you should receive after contacting your chosen conveyancer is a quote detailing the service they provide and a break down of all the costs. If things aren’t explained in fine detail then alarm bells should start ringing.

Know who you’re dealing with

A dedicated, personal conveyancer will look after you throughout the moving process. Being constantly passed around from person to person will slow down the process, and add unnecessary worry to your already stressful move.

Make sure your conveyancer provides you with their phone number and email address so if you do have any questions during the process, you’ll be able to get hold of them straight away.

Deal with a specialist

Amateur conveyancers are often under qualified and inexperienced.

A conveyancer who specialises in property law will have a wealth of experience in a number of different cases so if any problems do arise during your sale or purchase they will know exactly what to do.

Beware of ‘conveyer belt conveyancing’

Online companies that operate in a ‘conveyer belt’ fashion usually charge low fixed fee rates, however you may be dealt with by an anonymous member of a large team.

Most people require a good deal of guidance during the conveyancing process, and so a ‘call centre’ style system of work can be frustrating for many clients.

Our clients come to us requiring a dedicated, experienced professional that they can come to with any concerns or queries that come up during the conveyancing process.

By opting to go with a cheap service offered online, you may be making yourself vulnerable to hidden charges, lack of expertise and lack of accountability if something goes wrong.

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