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Lightening the Christmas Load

On December 22, 2014

Lightening the Christmas Load

With only 3 days left until Christmas, it’s likely that most of us will have finished our Christmas shopping, made preparations for dinner, and put the presents under the tree.

But with the arrival of Christmas comes a familiar daunting feeling – have we forgotten something? Have we done enough preparation? More often than not this feeling creeps up because we try to cope with all the stresses of Christmas on our own and don’t ask for help! In principle, doing things yourself often seems like a good idea at first but more often than not, you get overwhelmed and things start to take a turn for the worst.

Just like tackling Christmas alone, people can also run into difficulty when they try and take on the conveyancing process themselves. The saying ‘many hands make light work’ rings true in many aspects of our life, but it couldn’t be more accurate than when it comes to conveyancing.

DIY conveyancing is like doing anything yourself – get it right and you could save yourself money and time; get it wrong, and be prepared for it to be a costly mistake.

Buying a home is probably the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make and it’s no exaggeration that poor quality conveyancing can result in buyers losing their homes and a great deal of money, so ask yourself whether DIY conveyancing is really worth it. If you are considering taking on conveyancing yourself why not read our guide to the pro’s and con’s of DIY conveyancing so you can make an informed decision – particularly important at this time of year when we are all trying to make our money go further!

The last thing you need is to place additional pressure on yourself during a house move. Let a professional conveyancing solicitor take the strain and the responsibility off your shoulders this Christmas.


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