Moving Day ‘Must Knows’

On June 22, 2015

Moving Day ‘Must Knows’

For many people, ‘moving day’ can be one of the most stressful days of their life.

Despite the inevitable challenges, if you stay informed and learn a few tips and tricks, there’s no reason why moving day can’t be a bearable process.

We bring you our top 5 moving day ‘must knows’ to ensure your move is as stress free as possible.

  1. Keep your removal company informed

If there are any potential changes to your completion date, ensure that your removal company stays as informed as possible. The more up to date they are, the more likely they’ll be to work around any problems. Bear in mind that if you end up having to cancel last minute, you could still incur a full day’s charge.

  1. Plan the removal in advance

It’s also a good idea to talk to the removal company about how they would like you to prepare your belongings. For example, some companies prefer loading bulky items first – If this is the case then you can ensure any items of furniture are located close to the entrance. By planning ahead you can save yourself and the removal company a considerable amount of time and energy.

  1. Think about parking

Parking is one of the most important elements on moving day but it’s often overlooked or left to the last minute. Plan parking well in advance as you may need a permit. Consider where the removal company will park at the home you’re moving from as well as the one you’re moving into.

  1. Don’t overpack

Overpacking boxes can cause real problems on moving day. You might come to find they are to heavy to carry or even that they collapse in transportation. Pack heavy objects such as books and kitchen appliances into durable, small, manageable boxes.

  1. Be ready with a ‘Plan B’

Despite even the best intentions, moving day plans can (and do!) go wrong. Be ready with a Plan B in case there are issues with the removal company, travel times or bad traffic on moving day.

One final conveyancing point – Try and avoid a same day exchange and complete! As most house sales involve a chain of people moving, if one person changes their mind then it could spell disaster for your moving day plans. Most people now complete within 14 days of exchange.

For more guidance on moving day or any aspect of conveyancing then please get in touch with the experts at Peter Robinson & Co.

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