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Should I Try DIY Conveyancing?

On August 10, 2015

Should I Try DIY Conveyancing?

Moving house is an expensive process so it’s unsurprising that so many people consider trying DIY conveyancing in order to cut costs.

While no one will equal your personal fortitude and commitment to the case, DIY conveyancing is generally not something you should enter into lightly.

The process of conveyancing involves a number of critical legal documents, made up of highly technical jargon. Drawing up these documents without professional advice can be risky as it’s not uncommon to make mistakes.

No matter how straightforward your case may seem, each transaction is different and without professional advice it can be difficult to identify potential problems.

In the event that you do make a mistake and a dispute ensues, you will be held personally responsible and could find yourself facing legal action or a hefty bill.

It also pays to remember that there are a number of other people involved in a property transaction. Sellers and mortgage lenders could be reluctant to go ahead with the process if they discover you are doing your own conveyancing and may even insist that you have the assistance of a licensed conveyancer to ensure they are protected

Buying a house is probably one of the biggest transactions you will ever make so it really does pay to be cautious.

If you are prepared to commit your time and risk a legal dispute then DIY conveyancing could be feasible (although certainly undesirable)!

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