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Should I Use a Cheap Conveyancing Service?

On July 27, 2015

Should I Use a Cheap Conveyancing Service?

Moving house is a costly business.

Expenses such as stamp duty, estate agency fees and removals costs can all add up and it can be tempting for movers to try and cut costs in other areas – often by hiring a cheap conveyancing firm. While working with a ‘fast track’ online service can save you money, it also has the potential to cause a whole host of problems for your move. Read on for further information…

When you opt for a ‘conveyancing factory’ style of service, your transaction will probably be dealt with a number of different people causing constant delays and errors.

More often than not, file handlers at cut-price conveyancing firms are not qualified solicitors and if they are absent you could be left stranded for days – this would not be acceptable in a solicitor’s office!

We would advise that if you want your purchase/sale to go as smoothly as possible then use a local conveyancer based on recommendations from friends/family/neighbours.

Most house sales are not straightforward. There can be chains, covenants and problems with the property, all likely to cause you a big headache and if you don’t have a qualified professional on hand to guide you it can add even more stress to your move.

After all, this is likely to be the most important and expensive purchase you will ever make, so additional cost spent with a professional now can save thousands of pounds in the future.

At Peter Robinson & Co. we aim to meet high standards of service for all of our clients.

You can entrust your sale/purchase to us. We are qualified and ready to guide you through this process so give us a call today!

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