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Successfully Sell Your Property in June

On June 8, 2015

Successfully Sell Your Property in June


June is often considered a good month to sell a property.

Buyers are more likely to be out house hunting when the weather is nicer and there are no major holidays to contend with.

If you’re thinking about selling this month, it’s best to move fast because if your home is not on the market by early July you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Here are some of our top tips on making the selling process as straightforward as possible this month.

1- Instruct a conveyancing solicitor as soon as possible

The success of a sale is often reliant on the instruction of a professional and efficient conveyancing solicitor. We recommend you contact us as soon as you decide to sell instead of waiting until you’ve found another house to buy. The earlier this is, the easier it will be for your conveyancer to step into action and get the maximum amount of paperwork done well in advance.

2- Sell before you start buying

While you may have an idea of the kind of property you’d like to buy, you ideally need to be sold subject to contract before you start making an offer on another property. Estate agents will rarely recommend that their clients accept an offer from somebody whose own property is not yet on the market.

3- Set a realistic asking price

Your aim should be to sell your property for the best price possible in the shortest time frame. While you may be tempted to set a high asking price at first, this could end up being a costly mistake. An ambitious asking price could mean that you don’t attract the amount of viewers needed to make a sale. Get an accurate idea of what your property is worth by looking online and in the local paper and get a minimum of 3 estate agents to value your home.

4- Present your property

If the weather is pleasant this month your home will look much more appealing to buyers with the sun shining and the garden in bloom. Focus on the interior by decluttering, addressing any DIY jobs that need doing and adding a fresh coat of neutral paint to walls

If you’re thinking about selling your house this month, you can entrust Peter Robinson & Co. to ensure that the process is a simple one. Our team is here to support you from start to finish so get in touch today.

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