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On April 6, 2015

A Guide to Local Searches

What is a Local Search? A Local Search is a vital part of the conveyancing process for almost any property transaction, commercial or residential. If you are borrowing money to fund your purchase, mortgage lenders often insist that you obtain a local search. Your conveyancer will liaise with the local authority who will carry out
On March 2, 2015

Guide to Disbursements

What are disbursements? Disbursements are the payments that your conveyancer makes to third party organisations as part of the house-buying process. Disbursements don’t form part of a conveyancer’s own costs, but they are usually paid through your solicitor for convenience. Some organisations may only accept payment through a conveyancer. Common payments to be made Search
On January 19, 2015

Searches – Uncovering Homes with a Horrible History

Unwittingly purchasing a house with a horrible history is every homebuyer’s worst nightmare, but some people still find they are met with some form of unexpected surprise after they move into a new home. While a seller must honestly answer any specific questions a buyer may have about a property, they don’t necessarily have to
On July 7, 2014

What is Chancel Repair Liability

Our clients often come to us asking what chancel repair liability is when buying a house. This is unsurprising as it’s unlikely that any homebuyer will have come into contact with chancel repair before, however it could affect a home’s future use or entail unexpected payments What is ‘chancel’? The chancel is the space around
On April 28, 2014

What Are Searches When Buying a House

What are conveyancing searches? A ‘search’ is usually defined as a set of standard enquiries about a particular property and the surrounding areas. This is a key element of the conveyancing process carried out by a solicitor or licensed conveyancer who submits the enquiries to various authorities (for example local councils, the environmental agency, and