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The Benefits of Using a Solicitor to Write Your Will

On December 14, 2015

The Benefits of Using a Solicitor to Write Your Will

First and foremost it is very important for us all to have a Will in place to ensure that our property and money is left to the people we want to inherit from us.

However many people are tempted to go for a cheap DIY kit. These are fine if everything is straight forward, but generally it is more advisable to use a solicitor to ensure your Will has the effect you want.

You should certainly consider using a solicitor if:

  • Your estate is valued at over £325,000 for an individual or up to £650,000 for a married couple, as you will be liable to pay Inheritance Tax.
  • You have a holiday home abroad.
  • You have a business which forms part of your estate.
  • You have a complicated family situation e.g. children from a previous partner or you need to make special provision for a disabled family member.

The benefits of using a Solicitor are:

  • With their knowledge of Inheritance laws, they can help you make the most effective choices for your circumstances.
  • Usually they will store the Will in a fire proof safe, free of charge.
  • It is less likely there will be mistakes.
  • If something does go wrong you are protected. As solicitors are regulated they should deal with any complaints quickly or you can go to the Legal Ombudsman.

If you write your own Will it is easy to make mistakes, which can be costly to put right after your death.

It may be more expensive for a Solicitor to write a Will, but if it is done properly it can certainly be less stressful for your loved ones left behind and it will give you peace of mind.

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