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Tips to Sell Your House in Spring

On March 23, 2017

Tips to Sell Your House in Spring

The Spring is traditionally one of the busiest times in the housing market, with more buyers actively searching for a new home.

To make the most of this key time for a quick sale and to get your home ready for the market follow these clever tips:-

  1. Choose a good estate agent- check out 2 or 3 as if you were a potential buyer. Did they impress you? Were they friendly? Were they knowledgeable about the properties you were interested in? Do they have properties like yours on their books? Don’t necessarily pick an estate agent because they give you the highest valuation on your property.


  1. Declutter – cupboards and drawers bursting at the seams and lots of clutter around the house is off putting, a potential buyer wants to be able to see themselves living in the house.


  1. Spring clean – a potential buyer will feel drawn to a home which is thoroughly clean, particularly in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Also sparkling mirrors and clean windows help to reflect light


  1. Smarten up – if there are areas in the house which are looking tired and run down now is the time to freshen up the paintwork, repair damaged items or replace them.


  1. Tidy the garden – remember the external appearance of a house is a key factor in getting potential buyers to look inside. Tidy the garden and as it is springtime add a splash of colour with a flowering plant in a tub by the front door.


  1. Know your target market – potential buyers want to see how they can use the spaces within the house. Think creatively about how rooms can be used for different purposes – the room you use as an office might be required as an extra bedroom, a playroom or a games room.


  1. Aroma appeal – there is nothing worse than the smell of pets, or shoes, or stale cooking to put off a potential buyer. Get the windows open and let fresh air circulate round the house to get rid of bad odours and then create positive aromas like coffee brewing or scented candles.
  1. Finishing touches – adding those little touches like fresh flowers and subtle lighting ensure buyers viewing the house feel a positive vibe about your home.

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