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Tips to Avoid Delays When Moving House

On January 9, 2017

Tips to Avoid Delays When Moving House

Moving day can be stressful but it is also one of the most exciting days of your life. So it is important that everything goes smoothly to avoid delays and disappointment, as your new home is all about starting a new adventure. We have compiled a few tips to help keep things under control on move day…

Preparing to move

  1. Keep in touch with your Conveyancing Solicitor and Estate Agent to ensure they are all prepared for completion day.
  2. Avoid exchanging contracts and completion on the same day. Contracts can be exchanged 1- 2 weeks before completion and this will allow all parties to ensure the necessary funds and documents are in place.
  3. Ensure all the required funds are ready for completion day but also have funds available to cover other costs like changing locks, service charges and domestic connection charges.
  4. Book a professional mover early.
  5. Pack up your belongings well in advance of move day.

On the move

  1. Arrange for child and pet care. They will be safer and happier out of the way.
  2. Arrange for final meter readings before you leave your old home.
  3. Pack an overnight bag with basic toiletries, towels, night wear and a change of clothes. It will save you having to rummage through lots of boxes on that first night.
  4. Pack an essentials box with all your important documents, equipment for making a hot drink, snacks, loo roll, pencils/pens, paper, sellotape, scissors, phone and phone charger.
  5. Finally, clean throughout the house and check to ensure you have not left anything.

Moving in

  1. Firstly, make up your new beds in the new house as you will be tired later.
  2. Arrange for a food shop to be delivered.
  3. Ensure you have Home Insurance in place.
  4. Take meter readings and contact the utility providers to check there are no outstanding balances from the previous owners.
  5. Introduce yourselves to the neighbours. There are lots of benefits to having a good relationship with your neighbours.

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