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Top Tips for a Fast Exchange

On July 20, 2015

Top Tips for a Fast Exchange

Choose the right conveyancer

Your choice of conveyancer can be crucial to a fast exchange. Ask friends, family and neighbours for recommendations in your area. Licensed, professional conveyancers must be members of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (http://www.clc-uk.org), where you can find Peter Robinson & Co. listed here.

Beware E-Conveyancing

Online, ‘e-conveyancers’ are often under-qualified and inexperienced. By opting to go down this route to save money, you may also make yourself vulnerable to hidden charges, lack of expertise and accountability if something goes wrong. You may also find yourself passed around from person to person, which will slow down the process, and add unnecessary worry to your exchange.

Our clients come to us for a dedicated, personal service and you can expect a conveyancer who specialises in property law to be there to guide you throughout the whole process.

Start mortgage application early

It’s a good idea to start your mortgage application before you’ve even found a property. Taking out a mortgage has become much more difficult since tougher criteria was brought in last year. It can be a struggle to know which lender best suits your circumstances, but a good broker should be able to point you in the right direction.

Get all paperwork ready

Having the correct paperwork to hand will certainly help to speed up the financial side of your transaction. Buyers are likely to need the most documentation so double check with your conveyancing solicitor what you need before you begin.

Stay on top of things

Make sure you stay on top of things from checking the paperwork to ensuring that any money is at the ready to pay costs (such as searches or stamp duty). Make sure you stay easily contactable throughout the process and are available to sign any documentation.

With over 30 years of experience in Residential Conveyancing, Peter Robinson & Co. have the knowledge and expertise required to ensure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our friendly and professional team can advise you on all aspects of your move – For more information on how we can help, please get in touch today on 0161 678 7996.

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