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Top Tips for a Smooth Moving Day

On September 5, 2016

Top Tips for a Smooth Moving Day

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Moving house is considered to be one of the most stressful events we will experience during our life, but with a bit of careful planning and preparation it can run smoothly and be an exciting and happy occasion.

Here are our top tips for a stress free moving day:-

Preparation – start a few weeks ahead of the move. Don’t leave everything to the last minute.

  • Declutter – there is no point in taking items you no longer want or use to another house, so be ruthless. Take one room at a time, go through cupboards and drawers and make 3 piles: – keep, charity shop, tip.
  • Packing – once you have had a good sort out now you can start packing. Try to do a couple of boxes a day. Protect valuable and breakable item with bubble wrap. It is also worth checking that your house contents insurance covers your belongings during the move and that your removal firm has adequate insurance cover for valuable items. Label each box clearly for the room you wish it to be placed, in the new house.
  • Forward planning for the day of the move –
  1. Arrange with the post office for mail to be redirected
  2. Arrange with the utility companies to read meters to prepare final bills and switch off supplies of water gas and electricity in your current house.
  3. Arrange with the utility companies to switch on water gas, and electricity at the new house.
  4. Arrange for a member of the family or a friend to look after children and pets on the day of the move

On the day – keep calm and have confidence that all your forward planning and preparation will pay off

  • Documents – keep all important documents with you. This includes personal documents like passports, birth certificates as well as any legal documents pertaining to the move.
  • Essentials kit – have all the essentials for making a drink, and snacks to keep you going. Plus toilet roll, soap, towel and household cleaning items.
  • Final check – let one person have a final check around the house you are moving out of to check nothing has been left behind.

Once all your belongings have been unloaded at the new house and the removal men have gone, shut the door; kick off your shoes and crack open a bottle of fizz to celebrate a successful move to your new home!

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