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Why Writing a Will Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

On January 4, 2016

Why Writing a Will Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

How many of you have made a New Year’s resolution?

How is it going? Have you given up already?

Most of us start the New Year full of promises to ourselves to lose weight or to go to the gym three times a week or only drink alcohol at weekends but unfortunately most of us have broken these resolutions by the end of January. These types of resolutions require long term commitment and effort. So, this year, why not make a resolution that can be done easily, in a short space of time, but provides lasting benefits?

Probably one of the most valuable resolutions you can make for 2016 is to decide to make a will.

Making a Will ensures that your property and possessions pass to the people you want to benefit. It allows you to plan for the future of vulnerable family members e.g. who will look after your children if you die unexpectedly, it may reduce the tax that will be paid on your estate and protects your assets for your family and future generations.

About 66% of the population do not have a Will and many people do not seem to be unaware of the problems that not having a Will can cause bereaved loved ones. If you die without a Will, the Rules of Intestacy decide who will receive your property and possessions. This could mean that some people e.g. unmarried partners or step children, or pets or charities will not receive any thing from your estate.

Make 2016 the year you make a Will.

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