When a loved one dies we understand that it is a difficult time. The legal requirements are probably the last thing on your mind. Our friendly sympathetic Probate team are here to help you.

Probate is a term used for the procedure of Proving the Will. When the Will is proved the Executor can then deal with the assets of the Estate. At a difficult time this can be a stressful and complicated process. We can advise the Executors on obtaining the Probate and the distribution of the Assets.

If a relative dies without having made a Will, they have died Intestate. The process is similar to Probate but is called Letters of Administration. In these cases there are strict rules to follow and it is vital to get this right.

If you are an Executor of a Will or trying to Administer an Estate of a relative who has died without a Will, let our Probate team ease the stress and worry for you. We carry out the procedure in a respectful and sympathetic manner ensuring everything is handled quickly and efficiently as possible at such a difficult time.

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